Faiza Arend gained experience at one of the bigger franchise estate agencies and in May of 2007 established her own agency, FAIZA AREND PROPERTIES, with an office in Pinelands.  

FAIZA AREND PROPERTIES is a not a franchise estate agency and is managed by Faiza Arend who is the principal. Faiza gets personally involved with every client the agency connects with, ensuring all clients enjoy the very high professional and ethical service level she demands from her agents.   

All FAIZA AREND PROPERTIES agents regularly attend training sessions and property seminars. These training sessions are mostly provided by The Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) and various attorney companies.   
With her years of experience in the property market Faiza has access to a wide network of professionals, including lawyers, bond originators, property developers and estate agents. She meets regularly with individuals in the network to discuss market trends, new legislation and other developments in the real estate domain.

Faiza embraces modern technology and uses it in every way possible to improve service to the client and improve the effective running of the business. She is however, also a very strong believer that relationship building is primary to the industry and will make the difference between an ordinary agency and a great agency.

Despite the affect of the new National Credit Act and the stricter lending criteria by the banks, 2008 saw the agency outselling many of the more established and bigger franchises in the Pinelands property market. 2009 brought its own challenges with a worldwide downward slide in the property market and talk of a recession in world economies. Whilst a number of agents and Estate Agencies have folded under the economic pressures, Faiza Arend Properties continues to do business.

Faiza remains determined and committed in her dedication to her clients and the property market which she has served with the highest ethical standards.